The 999th Legion of the Knights Templar is an Chivalry Order, dedicated to the protection of children and their rights.

We are a LEGION of MANY, made up of men and women who have one common goal - To protect Children from abuse, and ensure that they have a happy, healthy environment.

We are an International Order GOVERNED by THE OSTMJ Canadian Priory of the Knights Templar and are currently looking to start knew Lodges World Wide.

Many of our members ride motorcycles but we are not an motorcycle club (MC) or even a riding club (RC), rather a group of Men & Women that see the importance of Protecting Our most Vulnerable... OUR CHILDREN. Why then do we have a patch on our backs? We wear the patch as a warning to pedophiles, molesters and rapists, a warning that we are a LEGION that works as ONE and we are forever near by.

Being an Order means we have sworn an Oath to serve and protect the children of our world and do so without fear.

We claim no territory nor power in the communities where we operate. Rather we accept the help of all parties in a community with the same Nobel Intent. We work to prevent child abuse.

We work 100% within the Law working together with Police, Social Services, Churches, Courts & the Community.

We want to be clear, we are not Vigilantes - But we will not sit idlely by, if we see a Child being abused. If left with no other option then to physically intervene... we WILL protect that Child.

Why 999?

The justice, the truth.
The number 999 is the reverse of 666, the number of the Beast of the Revelation (Apocalypse). This arithmetical strangeness demonstrates that the "power" of the Beast, 666, will be "reversed" by 153, characteristic number of the Christ, to give as result 999, symbol of the application of the divine justice. Thus Satan will be chained for 1000 years, 999 + 1.
The prophetic fulfillment of the one who will overthrow the beast is at hand. The beastly system of the world will be overthrown by this man who is Yahweh's delegate. This man lives in the flesh now, yea he acts in the spirit. Behold 999th LEGION